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Transcendental Meditation is not esoteric knowledge.

Transcendental Meditation is not esoteric knowledge. And I want to emphasize this.

TM is a mental technique that can be practiced and obtained objective results at the level of physiology, nervous system and brain. That is, you can measure blood pressure, heart rate, breathing volume and stress hormones and conclude that you have received a deep rest, even if you are in a stressful situation.

During the course of study, the teacher does not try to persuade you to some idea or a special worldview. We do not use unusual vocabulary, magic, mysticism, maps, teachings about cosmic energies, aura, spirits, and so on (there are many other schools and directions for this).

The teacher teaches you to have a deep experience of peace, which creates a wave of awareness and vitality for life to the fullest! Using scientific concepts and proven data.

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