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Cost of learning TM meditation

Preferential education 

in Ukraine since February 24, 2022

Tuition can be of 3 types:

1. Free of charge (thanks to David Lynch Foundation charitable scholarships) see details below.

2. In your feasible possibilities.

3. Preferential price 2800 UAH.

4. Discounted price for schoolchildren and children

* contact us and we will determine the cost for you



Scholarships for education, for the salary of the Foundation for 100% coverage of the salary for educationin a great group(for 30 students)

For the initiative of the beneficent  To the David Lynch Foundation in Ukraine, the Transcendental Meditation training is being held, under the TM 4 U -Ukraine program 🇺🇦
Learn to carry out certification
  Teachers of Transcendental Meditation in different places of Ukraine, for all people, they need to be inspired by peace. 

Navchannya for sponsorship support.

Today, if everyone is able to win the light over the dark, we can be filled with strong people in the middle, strong will, spirit, love. І for happiness in the skin of us є tsya force and є іnstrument for її rozkrittya.

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Learn more about what is included in the course

6 lessons for 1-2 hours will become for you an island of calm and harmony. Already from the first lesson you will be able to meditate on your own, and subsequent classes will strengthen your confidence that your independent practice at home brings results and you can meditate individually, in any situation and wherever you are. 

Classes are held in a small but comfortable room.  - individually or in a small group. 

During classes, we sit in comfortable chairs, listen to lectures and also practice meditation.

Улыбаясь деловая женщина
Individual approach

One-to-one personal instructions from the teacher.

TM is not a one-size-fits-all teaching method - it is carefully personalized for you by a certified TM teacher.  

It is very important to study with a teacher and not try to learn meditation on your own. 

The volume of the TM course in hours:

Introductory lesson: 1 hour

Preparatory lesson + interview + training 2 hours

Three days of classes: 4.5-6 hours

Final lesson: 2 hours

Total: 10-12 hours


Follow-up meetings after the course: (if necessary and desired).


Submit an application for TM training

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