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About the course

Transcendental Meditation

Training in Transcendental Meditation is conducted by the public non-profit organization "Maharishi Foundation in Ukraine" according to a unified international methodology with the assistance of the David Lynch Foundation

Learning structure:

international methodology

Step 1

Attend a free introductory session 

You will learn:

Why TM is so effective in neutralizing stress and anxiety, how TM improves brain function and memory, health and interpersonal relationships and in general improves the quality of life and gives inner harmony.

Review of scientific research on the benefits of TM.

What happens during the practice of TM.

How Transcendental Meditation will help you in solving your problems and needs.


Duration: 30-60 minutes.

Payment: not required.

Pre-registration required.

It is possible to conduct online.

Step 2

Course of study 4 lessons  (for 1-2 hours)

Day 1: Individual training (1-2 hours)

Receive individual instruction on the TM technique from a certified TM teacher. After the first lesson, you will already begin an independent meditation practice at home.

Note. Payment is required at this stage (the TM course fee is described in the course fee category).  go >>>  ).

Days 2 to 4: Small group or private lessons

Additional instructions and practical recommendations for the practice of TM based on your personal experience. Checking and setting meditation. 

Classes are interesting, easy and useful.

Independent practice (7 days)

Step 3

During the week you meditate on your own, but you have the opportunity  keep in touch with the teacher and ask questions.

Step 4

Final lesson (10th day).

 "Setting up" meditation and a final lecture in order for your practice to  meditation was easy and enjoyable, and you got the maximum benefit.

Follow-up meetings (if desired or needed)

You can always come to a personal meeting with the teacher at any time after the course  for "tuning" meditation.

Subsequent development 

After  completing a TM training course,  you have the opportunity to learn advanced techniques of Transcendental Meditation from teachers from abroad, as well as additional lectures on interesting and useful topics.

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