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Strengthening immunity, reducing biological age


Maharishi Amrit Kalash (Maharishi Amrit Kalash) “Maharishi Ayurveda” (MAC 4 & 5) is an Ayurvedic drug from the Rasayan group.

Amrit is the most powerful of all known Ayurvedic remedies. Increase immunity - resistance to diseases, increases life expectancy, a wonderful antioxidant that removes free radicals. Recent studies have shown a positive result in the prevention of prerequisites for degenerative changes in body tissues.

Amrit Kalash(Amrit Kalash) contains low molecular weight antioxidants such as polyphenols, riboflavins, catechins, flavonoids, carotenoids, alpha-tocopherol, beta-carotene, ascorbate, tannic acids and naturally occurring flavoproteins. They neutralize reactive oxygen species such as O2, H2O2 and OH and protect cells from oxidative damage. Prevents arterial fibrosis, formation of atherosclerotic plaques and fissures in blood vessels. Maharishi Amrit Kalash has shown good results in the treatment of chemically induced breast carcinoma.

Also Maharishi Amrit Kalash (Maharishi Amrit Kalash) is effective in inflammation, controls hyperactive phagocytosis of human neutrophils. Maharishi Amrit Kalash (MAK) has been successfully used to relieve depression, in the treatment of drug addiction. It is used in the treatment of cancer at different stages of the disease.

Maharishi Amrit Kalash is the ideal Rasayana for men and women of all age groups. It is especially useful for people who have undergone physical and mental stress, when various pollutants enter the body, with signs of premature aging. Regular use of Maharishi Amrit Kalash twice a day alleviates the side effects of chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer - reduces nausea, vomiting, anorexia, maintains weight and other side effects, as confirmed by clinical studies.

Maharishi Amrit Kalash is an ancient Ayurvedic formula. Combines thirteen of the most famous and powerful herbs of Ayurveda, carefully blended in precise proportions to provide a powerful rejuvenating effect.

The healing properties of Amrit Kalash directly affect the three fundamental human systems - the Nervous system, the Circulatory system and the Tissues (muscles and bones). Deep cleansing and rejuvenation of all systems and tissues of the body, contributes to the effective treatment of a wide variety of diseases, including chronic stages of diseases and Cancer.

The ancient Indian sages created this unique recipe from thirteen highly effective herbs in precise proportions. In this Ayurvedic composition, using several main herbs and a certain set of auxiliary ones in a certain proportion, which stimulates and supports the most important and essential functions of the body.

The base of the herbal nectar Amla (Indian gooseberry) is also the main ingredient in Chavanprash. Amla is an extremely rich source of vitamin C, which helps in boosting immunity. Amla (Indian gooseberry) is rich in nutrients and will help you live a long, healthy life. Amla, one of the most important fruits in Ayurveda, grows in warm climates and is a rich source of vitamin C. One small Amla berry has as much vitamin C as 2 medium oranges. Amla is rich in such essential substances as polyphenols, minerals, trace elements, iron, zinc, vitamin A, carotenes and B vitamins.

Central to this formula are Ashwanganda, Vidhari Kand, Amla, and Shankhapushpi. Each of these components has a powerful property, however, in the right combination, they give an unsurpassed result in the treatment of many diseases. Ashwagandha calms the nerves, improves tissue regeneration and restores strength. Vidhari Kand purifies the blood and supports healthy liver function. Amla tonic and support the immune system. Shankhapushpi is one of the best tonics for the brain and nervous system - detoxifies, supports and calms the nervous system.

The remaining nine components are carefully selected to support and enhance the properties of the main components. The result is a carefully crafted Ayurvedic formula by Maharishi Amrit Kalash that is more powerful than the sum of the effects of the individual herbs.

Maharishi Amrit Kalash is a complex of two drugs MAK 4 and MAK 5

MAK 4 Herbal Fruit Concentrate (Nectar Paste) 600g i 

MAK 5 - herbal tablets (Ambrosia Pills) 60 tab. Herbal Fruit Nectar and Ambrosia Herbal Tablets are used together for maximum effect.

This ancient Ayurvedic recipe provides balance and strength to the body's immune system and protects the body from free radical damage. Free radicals formed in the body as a result of life processes, mental and physical stress, environmental pollution, pesticides in food can lead to serious damage to all tissues and body systems, accelerate the aging process and contribute to a whole range of diseases including Cancer.

Comprehensive scientific studies have shown that Amrit Kalash Maharishi is the most effective antioxidant, which contributes to the effective removal of free radicals, rejuvenation of all tissues and systems of the human body.

Maharishi Amrit Kalash (Nectar and Ambrosia) helps maintain the health and functioning of all physiological systems - it increases life expectancy, memory and intelligence, improves immunity, reduces the effects of aging and improves overall well-being.

Amrit Kalash, Maharishi Ayurveda.

  • Composition:

    Maharishi Amrit Kalash (MAK 4 Nectar) - Amla, Chebulic myrobalan, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Long pepper, Bacopa, Cyperus rotundus, Cyperus scariosus, Sandalwood, Dwarf morning gloyr, Vidanga, Mesua, Licorice, Tumeric, Clarified Butter, Canesugar, Honey. Processed in extracts of Bael tree, Oroxylum, Malay bush beech, Castor, Heart-leaf sida, Wild sugarcane, Desmostachya, Sugarcane, Shatavari, Boerhavia, Finger-leaf morning glory, Indian kudzu, Fragrant padri tree, Sarivan, Uraria picta, Yellow fruit nightshade, Solanum anguivi, Tribulus, Pedalium, Three-lobe-leaf cowpea, Blue wiss, Clerodendrum phlomidis, Leptadenia & Gymnema.

    Maharishi Amrit Kalash (MAK5 Ambrosia Tablets) Ashwagan

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